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 At Paveway records we strive to include bands in our innovative record label and help them to succeed in the music industry. Paveway records, founded in 2015, has been built by Matthew Edell and Tori Uruburu when they realized bands were being treated unfairly in today’s music scene. They seek to be different than the rest by acquiring talented artists to help develop their skills so they are able to be more present in the music industry. Real world experiences and years of research became the foundation of this record label making it what it was meant to be; an outlet for all groups to enjoy music creatively. Join us to enhance your originality and be a part of our supportive music family!

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We love meeting artists in every stage of their music careers. Reach out to see what we can do for you.

Paveway Records

225 Broadway Suite 2008, Manhattan, New York 10007, United States

Text Us! (631) 257-3324 (323) 813-5622 (Office) For Booking Information: Tori@pavewayrecords.com

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